Han Li

Department of Philosophy, Brown University


I am a PhD student in the Department of Philosophy at Brown University.

I work mainly in epistemology.  My dissertation, supervised by David Christensen, explores issues surrounding permissivism about epistemic rationality and develops a theory of epistemic supererogation as a plausible form of permissivism.  I also have research interests in ethics, philosophy of science (especially philosophy of probability) and decision theory.

I having teaching interests in epistemology, logic, ethics, and philosophy of science.  I have served as the primary instructor for Human Knowledge and Truth in the spring of 2015 and Logic and Paradox for the Summer@Brown pre-college program in the summer of 2016.  I am currently teaching Introduction to Philosophy for the Spring 2017 semester.


Email: han_li@brown.edu

Mailing Address:

Department of Philosophy
Brown University
Box 1918
Providence, RI 02912