I have teaching interests in epistemology, logic, ethics, and philosophy of science.  Below are the courses for which I have served or will serve as primary instructor.


Phil 0230: Human Knowledge and Truth (Spring 2015, Brown University)

An introductory epistemology class on relativist, constructivist, and skeptical challenges to rationality.  Syllabus is available here.

CEMA 0909: Logic & Paradox (Summer 2016, Summer@Brown Pre-College Program)

A summer class for pre-college students.  Half the class was dedicated to introductory logic (propositional and quantified), while the other half is dedicated to exploring philosophical paradoxes, chosen from many different sub-fields.  Course website is available here.

Phil 0220: Introduction to Philosophy (Spring 2017, Brown University)

This course will serve as an introduction to the topics and methodology of contemporary philosophy. We will survey topics from several of the major subfields of contemporary philosophy, examining many of the most famous questions and proposed solutions within the discipline.  Syllabus is available here.